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November 11, 2021
Category: Oral Health
Tags: dry mouth  

At South Suburban Dental Care, we can provide care from an Olympia Fields dentist in Olympia Fields, IL, for a variety of issues. For example, Dr. Vincent Oganwu is skilled at assessing dry mouth and treating any problems that it may cause. Here's what you need to know about dry mouth and what you can do to keep your mouth healthy and your oral health solid and secure. 

Understanding Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth (xerostomia) is precisely what its name suggests: a mouth that does not have enough saliva production. Typically, this problem occurs due to various other conditions and is usually a symptom of a disease rather than a self-occurring issue. Many of these conditions are pretty minor, but others can be more serious. They include HIV, AIDs, Sjogren's Syndrome, diabetes, and even medicine reactions.

Most of the time, dry mouth is an uncomfortable but not severe issue. Unfortunately, prolonged dry mouth may cause a variety of oral health issues that can worsen with time. These include difficulty swallowing, dry lips, fungal infections in the mouth, tooth decay, and even gum disease. If you have perpetual dry mouth, an Olympia Fields dentist in Olympia Fields, IL, can help you. 

How a Dentist Helps 

Dentists help with dry mouth by providing various treatments that minimize its oral-health impact. For instance, they can clean bacteria and plaque developing in your mouth due to its dryness. You may need to visit a dentist more frequently than average if you have a persistently dry mouth. However, they can also provide help by giving you a mouth wash that may minimize mouth dryness. 

Just as importantly, they can work directly with your other care doctors to figure out what is wrong. For instance, they can help steer your doctors towards care methods that minimize dry mouth, such as changing your medications. While the dentist can't prescribe these medications for you, they can at least let your other doctors know what is happening. In this way, you can avoid long-term oral health concerns.

Get the Olympia Fields Dentist Help You Need 

At South Suburban Dental Care, we can help Olympia Fields, IL, residents minimize the impact of dry mouth and avoid long-term health complications. Please don't hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment with Dr. Oganwu today. Then, call us at 708-747-6474 to learn more! We'll do what we can to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new dental care and happy with your treatment needs.