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By South Suburban Dental Care - Vincent Oganwu, DDS
March 10, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: crowns   Bridges  

Crowns and bridges address a variety of smile problems, from missing teeth to damage to cosmetic issues. Your Olympia Fields, IL, dentist, Dr. Vincent Oganwu, offers the dental restorations at South Suburban Dental Care.

What are crowns and bridges?

A crown looks just like the part of a tooth that's visible above your gums. If you look closely at a crown, you'll notice that it's hollow inside. The restoration is designed to slip over your tooth and cover it completely. Before you can receive a crown, your tooth must be reduced in size slightly to allow for a proper fit. During this visit to the Olympia Fields dental office, your dentist will also make an impression of your mouth that will be used during the crown creation process.

Bridges are comprised of crowns and one or two artificial teeth, called abutments. Crowns are connected to the abutments on either side of the bridge and help hold it securely in place. Crowns and bridges are constructed of strong materials that look like tooth enamel, including porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, and resin.

How can crowns and bridges help my smile?

Crowns and bridges offer several important benefits for your smile. Crowns restore the normal appearance and function of broken teeth. In fact, no one will ever now that your tooth fractured once you receive your new crown.

Crowns also prevent weak teeth from fracturing one day. Your teeth can become fragile if you have a crack or you've had certain dental procedures that tend to weaken teeth, such as large fillings or root canal therapy. If brittle teeth run in your family, your dentist may recommend a crown to prevent at-risk teeth from crumbling.

Do you dislike the way a tooth looks? Crowns can lengthen teeth and even change their shape. They're a good choice if you want to improve the appearance of crooked, twisted, pointed or oddly shaped teeth.

Missing teeth affect your appearance and ability to chew and may even cause your other teeth to drift and overlap. Bridges and crowns paired with dental implants offer excellent tooth restoration options.

Improve, enhance, and protect your smile with crowns and bridges! Call your dentist in Olympia Fields, IL, Dr. Oganwu of South Suburban Dental Care, at (708) 747-6766 to schedule your appointment.